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What’s the opposite of pinkwashing again?

Samstag, Mai 25th, 2013, which is focused on events in Israel and Palestine, draws attention to a party commercial [here with English subs] in which Student Union members at a large college outside Tel Aviv have used homophobia to engender racial hatred and disgust for the „ugly Arab.“

White man’s burden (to teach the dark-skinned how to overcome racial prejudice)

Freitag, Mai 17th, 2013
I find it rather disturbing to see a map about „racial tolerance“ shared over Facebook which is so deeply racist that it makes me wanna throw up.

First of all, it’s sheer bullshit. You cannot statistically compare reactions to a concept like „race“ that operates differently in completely different regional contexts. For instance, in Germany (and perhaps throughout Europe) it’s inseparably connected with Nazi race ideology which sent millions of people to the gas chambers, whereas in the U.S. it’s kind of a politically neutral term made to denote „skin color.“ Even funnier, if you go back to the past, race in the French context could denote something like class consciousness, for the aristocracy had invented itself as a „race“ apart from the common people. And who knows exactly what race is made to denote in India, Africa or the Arab peninsula? But what we know exactly, especially from the German context, is that „racism“ does not cease to exist with the concept of race becoming unutterable and culturally taboo. It can be replaced by terms like „culture“ or „place of origin.“

So, after all, what is the ideological statement of this ridiculous map? Its assertion is that „fair-skinned“ people are the vanguard of tolerance and enlightenment, whereas the dark-skinned are „still racist“ to the fullest. Towards whom? We don’t know. Traditionally, racism is the ideology of white power over the other in the framework of colonial conquest, imperialism and the historical aftermath of slavery. What this map tries to accomplish then is to turn this power relationship upside down in order to renew the ideology of „white man’s burden“ to civilize the backward (= darker-skinned) people, although, ironically, this time in the global fight against „racial prejudice.“

Antiracism is part of the mobilization of our side for class war

Dienstag, Dezember 27th, 2011

The United States, like every capitalist society, is composed of masters and slaves. The problem is that many of the slaves think they are part of the master class because they partake of the privileges of the white skin. The abolitionists‘ aim is not racial harmony but the abolition of the white race, as part of the mobilization of our side for class war. There are many poor whites in the U.S. In fact, the majority of the poor are white. Whiteness does not exempt them from exploitation, it reconciles them to it. It holds down more whites than blacks, because it makes them feel part of a system that exploits and degrades them. For those people, whiteness does not bring freedom and dignity. It is a substitute for freedom and dignity. It is for those who have nothing else. Its abolition is in the interests of all those who want to be free, „whites“ no less than others.

Globalizing Homophobia

Sonntag, Dezember 12th, 2010

An English translation of the first chapter of Die Vertreibung aus dem Serail („The Eviction from the Seraglio“) has become available on MRZine:

After September 11th, 2001, one of the liberal justifications for the military intervention against Afghanistan was the oppression of women, but also of gays, by the Taliban. People in Europe and the USA received with shock the news that same-sex couples were publicly executed in the Kabul Stadium by bringing down a wall upon them that was constructed solely for this purpose. Others, however, pointed out that not only in the countries comprising the „Axis of Evil,“ but also among a few allies of the USA, the persecution of homosexuals has been elevated to a raison d’état. Horror reports from Saudi Arabia and Egypt tell of draconian measures against men who are suspected of same-sex activities. […]

Given this crude example, are we not obligated to concede the unmistakable superiority of the „imperialist“ West in matters concerning individual rights and sexual tolerance? Is it not simply true that the USA and Europe are the guarantors of civil freedom worldwide? In the following, I want to provide a few arguments as to why this view, at least from a long-term perspective, is fundamentally problematic. For, historically, it was the West itself that inspired by its own example these heteronormative relations of violence.

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Angela Davis: Racism, Homophobia, Intersectionality

Mittwoch, August 4th, 2010

Angela Davis with some inspiring remarks on the occasion of Judith Butler’s refusal to accept the civil courage award from the organizers of Berlin’s gay pride march – some of whom, like Jan Feddersen, have a long record of racist statements given space to in liberal newspapers like the taz:


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