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Die RIM im Wandel der Zeiten

Sonntag, Januar 2nd, 2011

Programm der maoistischen RCP-USA vom 1. Mai 1981:

As for homosexuality, this too, is perpetuated and fostered by the decay of capitalism, especially as it sinks into deeper crisis. This is particularly the case because of the distorted, oppressive man-woman relations capitalism promotes. Once the proletariat is in power, no one will be discriminated against in jobs, housing and the like merely on the basis of being a homosexual. But at the same time education will be conducted through out society on the ideology behind homosexuality and its material roots in exploiting society, and struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals.

Programmentwurf der RCP-USA vom 1. Mai 2001:

The revolutionary proletariat is staunchly opposed to the attacks on homosexuality by reactionary forces such as religious fundamentalists, and to all physical assaults on, discrimination against, and government repression of homosexuals, which is so widespread and vicious in the U.S. today. In the new society, discrimination against homosexuals will be outlawed and struggled against in every sphere of society, including personal and family relations.

Karl Marx, „Thesen über Feuerbach“, 1845 (redigierte Fassung von 1888):

Die materialistische Lehre, daß die Menschen Produkte der Umstände und der Erziehung, veränderte Menschen also Produkte anderer Umstände und geänderter Erziehung sind, vergißt, daß die Umstände eben von den Menschen verändert werden und daß der Erzieher selbst erzogen werden muß. Sie kommt daher mit Notwendigkeit dahin, die Gesellschaft in zwei Teile zu sondern, von denen der eine über der Gesellschaft erhaben ist.