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Don’t believe the hype!

Sonntag, Februar 19th, 2012

CultureCat: Cornel West argued that we need identity politics, that they, to many people in the world, are „a matter of life and death.“

Well, no. I don’t think so. In fact …

Alex Blaze: The biggest red flag when it comes to the utility of the identity politics paradigm should be how little we’re invited to identify along the lines of class. It’s understandable – the times in history when people identified as a class didn’t turn out all that well for rich people. It turns out there are a whole lot more poor people than there are of everyone else, and they have the least to lose if the system of distributing rights and privileges and resources completely changed. On the other hand, though, the fact that it seems inherent in this system that we should not identify with our position on the money totem pole shows how it sets people up for easy co-option by keeping them from knowing exactly where they and others stand when it comes to the most basic measure of power and quality of life.