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„Christian Europe never existed“

Dienstag, Juli 24th, 2012

Everyone knows that religion has crumbled since medieval times when all Europe walked secure in faith and grace. […] [But] in recent years a number of religious historians have assembled evidence that the medieval masses were, in fact, remarkably irreligious, at least in terms of religious participation […]. Andrew Greeley (forthcoming) has summarized these historical conclusions with characteristic succinctness:

    „There is no reason to believe that the peasant masses of Europe were ever very devout Christians, not in the sense that we usually mean when we use these words. There could be no deChristianization as the term is normally used because there was never any Christianization in the first place. Christian Europe never existed.“

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The Creepy Strategy Of Christian Self-Victimisation

Mittwoch, Juli 18th, 2012

Sternstunden der Aufklärung

Montag, Juli 16th, 2012

Christian teens start weeping when a gay activist criticizes „the bullshit in the bible.“ Man, that’s pathetic!

And some funny stuff on the Pope.