1. Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of pencils

To the victims of military occupation; to the people in the houses that bore the brunt of ’shock and awe‘ bombing in Iraq; to those whose bodies were disfigured by white phosphorous and depleted uranium […] — what but cruel mockery is the contention that Western ‚civilisation‘ fights its wars with the pen and not the sword? […] Of course the pen has played its role as well. The pens that signed the endless Patriot Acts, anti-terror laws and other bills that entrenched police harassment and curtailed civil rights. The pens of the newspaper editorialists who whip up round after round of hysteria, entrenching anti-Muslim prejudice and making people foreigners in their own country. But the pens of newspaper editors were strong not by virtue of their wit or reason, but insofar as they were servants of the powerful and their guns.

2. Understanding Charlie Hebdo cartoons

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has received a lot of attention after the recent attacks at their office. Some of the criticism directed at Charlie Hebdo is uncalled for and inaccurate. This website tries to explain the cartoons within the context they were published so that they may be better understood.

3. Je suis hypocrite: These ’staunch defenders‘ of the free press rallied in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo in Paris

4. The Charlie Hebdo cartoons no one is showing you