Audioausschnitt aus einem Beitrag der Sendereihe „Crossing Continents“ von BBC Radio 4 mit dem Titel „Inside Gay Pakistan“:

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Aus dem zugehörigen Artikel:

Just occasionally, though, Pakistani parents do reconcile themselves to children entering a long-term gay relationship.

Akbar and Ali are one such couple who have made things work, against the odds.

„Ali’s family was run by a matriarch,“ recalls Akbar.

„His grandmother was the head of the house so I knew that winning her over would mean everything else would fall into place. I took the time to talk to her and convince her that I was a good person. That was first and foremost. It wasn’t about ‚coming out‘ in a formal sense. It’s more important to convince Ali’s family that I’m a good human being.

„She once gave me a hand-embroidered decorative cloth that she had made as a teenager. She said she was giving it to me because she knew I ‚take care of things‘. It was a kind gesture and a very personal kind of acceptance.“

Akbar and Ali have now set up home together with the support of their families. Akbar has a good relationship with Ali’s mother.

„She comes to stay with us and I love watching soaps with her. At the end of the night she goes to her room and Ali and I will retire to our room. Two men sleeping in the same bed? Sure she knows what is going on. We don’t have to have a big discussion about it.“

Stories like this are, however, exceptionally rare. For many gay men in Pakistan, a heterosexual marriage and a life of anonymous groping is the long-term reality.